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Aaryan Pathway is formed by two individual personalities having strong experiences in Travel & Hospitality Industry and also Education Sector. It is merger of two valued experiences which resulted in formation of this company. The two legends are :

Mr. Sanjeev Mehra – A recognized entrepreneur and founder of Aaryan Leisure & Holidays, a leading IATA approved travel agency of Eastern India. He possesses a vast knowledge of 25+ experience in Travel & Hospitality industry. He understands the need of a Traveller and also the practical experiences.

Ms. Puja Roy Gangopadhyay – An enterprising leader with strong skills, analytical, problem solving & organizational abilities. She is a dynamic professional with 25 years rich cross functional experience in Student Counselling & Admission, Student Corporate Placement, Training & Development. She has a proven skills in Talent Accusation, Placement, Student Counselling and Admission, Training & Development.

Expertise Treasure

More than 25+ years of Expertise in Travel & Tourism Industry and Education Sector.

Mr. Sanjeev Mehra

Founder & Partner

Expertise in

  • Airlines Rules & Regulations.
  • Visa Requirements.
  • Passport Requirements.
  • Country Knowledge.
  • Preferred Travel Agent of Canada Immigration.
  • Strong relations with International Tourism Boards.
  • Knowledge of Hospitality Industry.
  • Ground Level requirements of a Traveller.
  • Travelled 100+ Countries World Wide.

Ms. Puja Roy Gangopadhyay

Founder & Partner

Expertise in

  • Corporate Relation Placement.
  • Career Counselling Guidance.
  • Admission Implementation & Strategy.
  • Corporate Communication & PR.
  • Digital & Traditional Marketing.
  • Brand Development.
  • Corporate Grooming.
  • Training & Development.
  • Client Servicing.
  • Content Development and Management.


In Today’s World the Youth are passionate and want to achieve fast in life without going through stages or procedures. Their concept has changed and want to be more faster in achieving within short span of time.

But does this really provides them knowledge or skill set required to settle in life? It is a big question since they are involved in Fast Track Process only. Just like we use FTP service over internet to transfer files quickly from one location to the other, they also try to use this protocol in life. They need a mentor who can guide in the right direction with an assurance to have a better & secured life ahead.

Aaryan Pathway has analyzed the needs of today’s youth and decided to carve a road map in order to build confidence, expertise and settle in life with economic security with assured earnings during their expertise gaining period to keep the momentum going in a specific timeframe.

The merger of Travel & Hospitality along with Educational Expertise will only lay the foundation of a road which will only lead to SUCCESS as both are the fundamental requirements to build the Youth for future.

  • are IATA approved Travel Agents with 24/7 service support.
  • assist you in hassle free documentations required for Visa & Passport and Air Tickets.
  • mentor you to select the stream in which you intend to build your career.
  • provide counselling. Øconduct aptitude test to select right candidates.
  • arrange your accommodation.
  • provide you Medical Insurance shield.
  • take care of your finances.
  • assure you Earn while you Learn.
  • provide guaranteed JOB assistance.
  • assistance in Permanent Residency.
  • mollify the process with perfect guidance.
  • believe in transparency.


Create a perfect bridge to enable the students select the right stream in which they can expertise. Provide them with job security so that they build their future in short span of time with complete mentorship & training with no hidden cost.

Reduce the reluctance of settling abroad at huge cost but provide a reasonable & affordable solution to them.


  • Robust educational road way.
  • Create area of Expertise.
  • Create secured future for Generation Next.
  • Reduce unemployment.
  • Benchmark minimum educational qualification.
  • Enhance social & economic security for outbound candidates.
  • Tie up with leading Universities of the World for education & job security.
  • Follow stress free Work environment.
  • Full assistance in job placement.

Academic Time Bridge

Aaryan Pathway acts as Academic Time Bridge (ATB) which connects Academic with Job opportunity through its shortest but robust route. It connects the definite start & end points with indefinite growth.

It’s an accelerated path which leads to Real Time Learning, Develop  Valuable & Employable Skills and is totally skill oriented. We sharpen the skill of the candidate(s) thereby making him / her eligible for the job which is guaranteed. It gives more practical knowledge rather than book knowledge.

A perfect bridge connecting a candidate with Future.

Race Against Time

  • Settle Fast in Life after 10+2 & Graduation.
  • Avoid Job Hunt.
  • Growth in increase of number of internationally mobile students.
  • Studying abroad for the student gives a higher level of quality or specialization.
  • Intercultural Attribute for International educational experience.
  • A diploma obtained is often considered as an investment towards finding a job.
  • Many host countries reward degrees/diploma obtained in their country by allowing students to stay in the country after their studies and treating them favorably when applying for a Residence Permit.

The Track – Connecting End Points

The track is set for the candidates. They want to reach the finish line and achieve the target of getting a job peacefully. But does it really work out? After a hard work in completing specialization and if they have to hunt for a job then it becomes demotivating and gives rise to frustration.

It is at this point that the candidate need a bridge which connects his specialization to a guaranteed job which awaits at the other end. Here AARYAN PATHWAY acts as ATB by providing an assured job assistance to the candidate and making him / her eligible for Permanent Residence Status. The result is the moment Candidate finishes his / her specialization, he / she is into a job.

Assurance & Authenticity

  • Tie-up with leading education providers.
  • Approved by Government authorities of the countries.
  • Process oriented.
  • No Hidden cost.
  • Guaranteed investment return.
  • Secured & Full Job Assistance.
  • Simple condition(s) for participation.
  • Sustainable Career.
  • Earn while you Learn.
  • Accommodation.


A Global opportunity for the younger generation of India to have access to one of the World’s leading countries who have plenty of job opportunities approved by the Government.

An aspiring candidate who is above 18 years of age and wants to accelerate his / her Career can start a life in abroad to Explore & Discover their potentials.

Ready to build a bright future and earn while learning.

Wants to settle abroad.

The Equation

Reaching the ultimate Goal of Life needs some formulation and strategy. Time runs and we want to be at pace with it. Need a robust system / mentorship which leads to definite success.…..!!!