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Office Automation

Office Automation


This program aims to train people able to perform the work of office clerk. The trained people perform various administrative tasks in order to support the managers.

From customer service, including proofreading and layout, to the organization of meetings or events, the office agent uses new technologies to carry out his work.

You will become a very versatile person and be able to work in different settings. This program will allow you to obtain many professional opportunities.

Average Annual Salary

CAD 38,220

Course Summary


  • Word processing.
  • Process and represent data.
  • Communicate orally in French and English.
  • Interact in various work situations.
  • Produce and process, linguistically, texts in French and English.
  • Organize and monitor the work of the office unit.


  • 100% placement rate.
  • Strong link with companies in the field.
  • Work placement at the end of the program increasing your chances of employment.
  • Team of experienced teachers.
  • Very practical and in-action learning.
  • Personalized supervision.

Course Grid

First Session

412-FAC-03 | Word Processing I (45 hours)

The course “Beginner and Intermediate Word Processing ” will allow the student to properly use a word processing software in order to master and organize, according to a professional method, texts, letters, memos, etc. Learning word processing software will provide the opportunity to learn basic functions like creating files, entering data, saving and printing first. Subsequently, the student will familiarize himself with the key concepts of intermediate functions to design more complex documents.

412-793-RA | Introduction to office automation & the profession of office agent (45 hours)

As part of this course, the student will discover his study program, the environment of an office unit, the role of the office agent in the company, the different tasks he can perform and the related requirements. In order to properly situate the student in his work environment, notions related to labour legislation, autonomous work and teleworking, the concept of total quality, ergonomics, etc. will be discussed. The student will be able to validate these theoretical concepts by presenting lectures related to internships or even with graduates who have been working on the job market for a few years. These meetings will allow the student to discover and analyse the different functions related to office work. In order to integrate all of these concepts, Scenarios will be used to prepare you for the various situations that the student could experience in a company. The Internet will be a valuable tool in this course, as government sites will be consulted regularly.

412-843-RA | Customer service (45 hours)

As part of this course, the student will learn to interact in different oral communication situations in business, in various ways. In addition, he will learn how to make professional business presentations using presentation software. Throughout the course, the student will have the opportunity to apply the concepts taught using various scenarios:

  • Welcome a visitor.
  • Receive and transmit calls.
  • Deal with a complaint.
  • Maintain a business conversation.
  • Make an oral presentation.
  • Design and present an efficient and professional slideshow.
  • Provide information and direction.

601-FAZ-03 | Production and correction of texts in French (45 hours)

This course aims mainly to allow a review of the essential notions of grammar, syntax and structure of the text, which notions constitute the very foundation of office work. It is essential that each of the students enrolled in the Office automation program for SMEs attains a high level of competence in terms of mastering the French language: not only must they know how to write well, but they must also be able to to identify the smallest errors and correct them in order to improve the text, because it is largely on him that the image of the establishment for which he will work will be based.

604-603-RA | Basic English (45 hours)

This course allows the student to understand and express simple messages in English. At the end of this course, he will be able to:

  • Express their needs and preferences during daily activities.
  • Expand their vocabulary.
  • To improve your oral expression, to express yourself with a certain ease in a conversation.
  • Apply the concepts learned and practiced in class in everyday situations (restaurant, reservations, directions, small talk ).

Second Session

412-FAG-03 | Word Processing II (45 hours)

As part of this course, the student will be able to adequately use word processing software in order to efficiently perform styles, tables, merging and sorting. This course is a continuation of course 412-FAC-03.

412-873-RA | Office tools and technical support (45 hours)

This course gives the student adequate autonomy in the face of the fundamental configuration of his IT environment. Depending on the work environment in which the student will have to act, the knowledge acquired here will allow him to adequately assist the person responsible for the software and hardware environment, or to act in his place if necessary be. By “assistance” is meant the fact of communicating adequately, according to a vocabulary specific to the IT environment, in order, if necessary, to properly describe the problem requiring external assistance.

412-FAF-04 | Data processing (60 hours)

This course will allow the student to properly use data processing software in order to efficiently produce tables of data of all kinds and to integrate simple calculations into them. Basic knowledge of the software will be used. It is a must have software found on the job market and it offers an incredible number of possibilities.

604-613-RA | English conversation (45 hours)

This course is the second English course in a series of three in this program. This course will allow the student:

  • Express their ideas fluidly with an extensive language repertoire
  • To understand the general meaning of a text
  • Understand the general idea of ​​an authentic conversation and be able to deduce the meaning of words from the context.

410-724-RA | Basic accounting (60 hours)

A good decision should be based on reliable financial data and that is why, in this course, you will learn how to keep accounts and how to use them properly. As part of this course, the student will use a manual type accounting system. The objective of the course is to lead the student to carry out an accounting simulation allowing the experimentation of a complete accounting cycle. The student will develop his capacities for analysis, synthesis and he will learn to develop the rigor necessary for any good bookkeeping.

Third Session

412-FAH-03 | Correspondence production (45 hours)

This course will allow the student to produce administrative documents such as correspondence and company memos, reports and press releases while applying the presentation standards of use in the field and using writing techniques and revision. The aim of the course: to convey a clear and concise message in a professional manner.

412-FAN-03 | Reporting (45 hours)

The skills acquired in this course will allow the student to broaden his knowledge in order to be able to evolve within different work environments. Also, being considered a document specialist within the company, the concepts acquired in this course will prepare him for the production of certain documents requiring more challenges in writing while respecting grammatical and spelling codes such as accounts, returns, reports and minutes. Finally, they will familiarize themselves with the production of documents necessary for the organization and monitoring of deliberative assemblies.

412-FAQ-04 | Databases and databases (60 hours)

In this course, the student will learn to use a database. In addition to familiarizing the student with the vocabulary, he will learn how to create data entry forms, organize this data in tables, select and manipulate information and how to produce reports from information stored in a database. of data. In addition, this course will allow you to master the different functions and use them effectively in order to produce efficient data conservation and research work.

604-FAJ-03 | Interactive English for Business (45 hours)

In this course, the student will learn to develop self-confidence by communicating in English so that they can express themselves with precision and ease, which is a key element that will influence their success in their future profession. The objective is to get the student to be functional to communicate in English.

Fourth Session

412-FAU-03 | Accounting software (45 hours)

This course is a continuation of the “Basic Accounting” course and aims to make the student autonomous in the use of accounting software. He will apply the accounting cycle in a computerized context.

412-863-RA | English correspondence in the office (45 hours)

As part of this course, the student will analyse the risks in cybersecurity. It will apply recognized security measures to protect a network and applications. In addition, it will carry out a technological watch, will experiment with hardware and software technology and will formulate opinions on these technologies.

412-854-RA | Automation (60 hours)

As part of this course, the student will be able to adequately use data processing software in order to efficiently produce data tables of all kinds and to integrate simple and complex calculations into them. This software makes it possible to process, manipulate, calculate, organize, analyse, etc. data collected in a professional manner.

412-763-RA | Budget management of the office unit (45 hours)

The student will first learn the different types of space organization to optimize office productivity. The design of simple plans and sound advice will complete the first part of the course. In the second part, a good understanding of the roles and responsibilities of any buyer, familiarization with the company’s procurement process as well as inventory management will constitute his basic learning in material resource management. In the last part of the course, it will be about the reception of the goods and the preparation of the supporting documents relating to the payment of invoices.

Fifth Session

412-773-RA | Production of documents in English (45 hours)

This course is a continuation of the course “Communication in the office in English”. It aims to equip the student to write, correct and improve complex texts and relating to office automation, memos, summaries, reports and simple letters in English. In addition, the student will learn to communicate orally in English in various situations, whether during an oral presentation or when dealing with a complaint.

412-789-RA | Workplace internship (135 hours)

The Internship will allow the student to transfer the skills acquired during the program to a real work context.

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