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Aaryan Pathway only nurtures the aspiring candidates who wish to settle abroad. They show the right path to the candidate to build their career in the specified fields by choosing the courses offered by the Colleges/Universities.

  • The Financial Transactions (Course Fees) are transparent with no hidden costs and are paid as directed by the respective College/University.
  • The Registration Charges paid to Aaryan Pathway as applicable depending on the country chosen are non-refundable. Once the Registration Form is duly filled and submitted with registration charges, the candidate is registered with us.
  • The fees has to be remitted in full before the candidate leaves India to pursue his/her studies.
  • The courses & fees can change as per the College/University guidelines which will be subsequently updated on website or informed to the candidate.
  • The dates of commencement of the selected courses can change as per the College/University.
  • The candidate may have to undergo an aptitude test in order to match his/her skillset & interest in the course he/she has chosen.
  • The admission of the candidate is on the sole discretion of the college. Aaryan Pathway will only assist in leading the candidate in the right direction to secure his/her future.
  • The Travel Service(s) part (Passport, Visa, Air Ticket etc) will be taken care by the parent company Aaryan Leisure & Holidays Pvt. Ltd.
  • Health Insurance is mandatory for the candidate(s). He/she can opt on his/her own or can seek assistance from Aaryan Pathway.
  • Aaryan Pathway only assists and makes the candidate eligible for PR (Permanent Residency). However it does not guarantee the PR. It will again depend on the candidate and the respective country.
  • The respective college assists in getting the Internship & Part-Time Job during the course and job after the course. Aaryan Pathway does not hold any responsibility for the same.
  • The Visa applied will be on the sole discretion of the Visa Authorities. Aaryan Leisure & Holidays will only process the documents provided the documents are submitted as required by the Visa authorities.
  • Student Loan if opted depends on the sole discretion of the Financing Bank. However, Aaryan Pathway has tie-up with ICICI Bank for Cegep de Thetford for the 4 courses being offered but still it depends on the discretion of the Bank.

Aaryan Pathway reserves the right to scrutinize the candidate and also the required documents submitted by him/her. At any point if Aaryan Pathway finds any discrepancy, the candidate can be rejected or additional supporting documents can be asked to be produced.

Team Aaryan Pathway