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The Country

Canada, second largest country occupying roughly the northern two-fifths of the continent of North America. Despite Canada’s great size, it is one of the world’s most sparsely populated countries. Canada is officially bilingual in English and French.

Canada has become an ideal place for higher education studies, sought by many prospective international students. Many of the Canadian universities are present in reputed international rankings and a recent educational strategy set by the Canadian Ministry of Education stresses on increasing the number of foreign students.

Canada is a highly developed country and offers one of the highest quality of education across the globe. Education is one of the highest priorities for the Canadian government. The students can pleasantly combine an enriching academic life with diverse and entertaining leisure activities.

The typical classroom atmosphere in a university from Canada is incredibly open and friendly, where professors are merely the guides that help students become independent learners. In many ways, the Canadian higher education system is very similar to the one of the United States.

Canada truly covers all the ingredients to help you achieve whatever you have planned for your future successful career: excellent academic training, the safe and diverse environment and a friendly cultural life.

The following are the main reasons why a candidate chooses Canada as a preferred educational hub:

  • English is everywhere.
  • Many of the top-ranked universities in the world are in Canada.
  • Embrace a diverse and cosmopolitan environment.
  • Live in a safe country with a high quality of life.
  • Universities focus on research and many praise their ground-breaking discoveries.
  • Students are encouraged to communicate and express misunderstandings honestly.
  • Lectures usually integrate a certain level of entertainment and engagement in order to attract students’ attention and to enhance creative and analytical thinking.
  • After exams or evaluations, professors provide students with a valuable feedback where they share their learning level and progress.

Why Canada?

Quebec City

It’s the province of Quebec that took its name from the city, and not the other way around. Quebec is a giant playground spanning 1.6 million square kilometres. Mountains for skiing. Valleys for dogsledding, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. A river as wide as the sea. There’s no shortage of outdoor fun in Quebec’s winter wonderland. Zoom down the slopes on skis or in a luge. Go dogsledding or ice fishing. Marvel at the snow-covered landscapes.

It’s a fortress, towered over by a huge “castle”! Quebec City, rich in history, is the realm of both romance and festivities. Its stone houses and narrow streets give it a European charm.

From the top of Cap Diamant, observe the movement on the St. Lawrence River and the waltz of cruise ships in the summer. The province’s capital is absolutely unique!

Its 4.6-km (2.8-mi.) fortress, the plains where the country’s destiny was played out A fortified city that’s open to the world. Quebec City lets you bask in old-European charm in a modern setting.

In the Quebec region, the soul of New France resonates in Old Quebec City. Enjoy an unobstructed view of stunning landscapes from above the Montmorency Falls. And savour the delights of the four seasons on Île d’Orleans.

Quebec City is one of the oldest European cities in North America. It is a student oriented city. In Quebec City, the education system is of excellent quality. Affordable tuition fee and living costs. You can choose from a wide range of programs delivered in French. The cultural scene in Quebec is extravagant – you’ll witness a variety of carnivals, fests, events, art exhibitions and more..

Cegep de Thetford College

Cegep de Thetford Ranked 13th in Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges 2018 known for Vocational, Skill-Oriented Courses. It Emphasises on Community and one-on-one learning. It is recognized for its warm and very personalized welcome.

A candidate will graduate with Valuable & Employable Skills, Job Preparation & Recruitment on Campus.


Cegep de Thetford’s main mission is to provide all their students with high quality training in a stimulating environment. This training must meet both the needs of clients and the changing demands of Quebec society and market.

A student will graduate with Valuable & Employable Skills, Job Preparation & Recruitment on Campus.

Key Highlights
  • Fastest Return on Investment – Earn your money back within a year.
  • Public / Community College.
  • 13th in Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges 2018.
  • Mentorship and Personal Training. 
  • Gain EMPLOYABLE skills.
  • Bars / Cafes / Theatres.
  • 2.5 Hours away from Montreal, 1 Hour away from Quebec city.
  • Recreational Activities.
  • Gaming, E-Sports tournaments.
  • Safe Investment linked to Job Security.
  • Learn-Work-Earn.
  • Course oriented internship during study.
  • Job assistance.
  • Easy enrollment Process.
Program Inclusions


French is the Official Business Language in Canada. First 6 Months of the Program is French.


All Programs are according to the Skillset Requirement and NOC code.


Internship at the end of the program to facilitate hiring.


100 percent assured Placement Support.


Become Employable

Analyze industries for need of skilled workers.

Analyze industries having Maximum Job.

Gain those skills with Our AEC Diploma Courses.

Identify your Skillset

Why should a student attend our program?

  • Build on your Current Efforts. Become more EMPLOYABLE.
  • Foundation is set up – it’s up to you to the next level. 
Courses Offered


  • Strong link with companies in the field.
  • Internship at the end of the program.
  • Team with solid teaching experience
  • Design-based drawing program.
  • 3D printer lab available to students.
  • Very practical training that matches the needs of the market.
  • Job placement assistance at the end of the program.
  • Team of experienced teachers with Personalized training.
  • State-of-the-art equipment.
  • Very practical and hands on learning.
  • Personalized mentorship.
  • Skill enhancement program.
Mechanical Engineering
Web Development
Plastic Engineering
Office Automation

Age18 to 38 years.
School Graduate12th Grade pass (over all 65-70% above)
Open School with 12th Grade pass (over all 65-70% above).
English Mark SheetMinimum 70%
IELETS result > Band 5.5 (Non SDS) and 6 (SDS)
  • Work Experience required if one Year Gap Candidate.
  • No French/ Other Prerequisite Required.
  • Science/ Engineering background not Required.

Why low IELTS Scrore accepted?


  • IELTS Requirement  5.5 with no less than 5.5 in Each Module.
  • First Language is French.
  • 70% required in English (10th or 12th).

Low Scores

  • Percentage required 65-70 % in 12th Standard.
  • Skill based program and not Theory.
  • On Job Training.
  • Recent Graduates / Job Seekers.
  • Job seekers to align job profile with the course selected.
  • Aspirational & wants to settle in Canada.
  • Explore & discover their full potential.
  • Comfortable learning & pursuing career in French.
  • Stand out in the crowd & attract Employers Worldwide.
National Occupational Classification [NOC Codes]

The NOC Code (National Occupational Classification) is used by Private & Government agencies including Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to identify skills shortages in the Canadian Job Market and to identify the demand of a particular skillset.

Our CoursesNOC Codes
Mechanical EngineeringB & C
Plastic EngineeringB & C
Web DevelopmentA
Office AutomationO

Diploma vs Normal Degree Course
  • Short Term courses designed specially for Indian Candidates.
  • Courses are specially designed as per the companies requirement with job availability.
  • Enables a candidate to be specialized in particular field as per job profile.
  • More of practical knowledge provided required as per job during these course durations.
  • Saves time of the candidate and gets him job in just 2 years thereby saving 1 complete year.
  • While in job the candidate can upgrade his skill sets if required.
  • These courses help in accumulating NOC codes required for PR.
  • 100% Job Placement Assistance is provided to the candidate.

AEC Diploma Programs

Attestation of College Studies (AEC) program helps you to Gain Skillset. The salient features are:

  • Short Duration (17-22 months).
  • 100% placement Assistance by CÉGEP de Thetford for successful graduates.
  • Government College – Government Support – Complete Compliances.
  • Courses meet the need of the Industry.
  • Internships  – Facilitates Hiring  – Get experiences while studying at real companies.
  • Practical Program, Vocational SKILLS, NOT Theory.
  • Quebec Province – More Job Vacancies.
  • Job opportunities for placements.
  • Complete College Support in settlement, community building, part time jobs and placements.
  • French Language – International Language – Official Language for Government Jobs in Quebec – More Opportunities.
  • Parity with locals and other international students Internships.
  • Support with finding Part Time Jobs on campus and around.

Immersive French

With over 50 years of rich experience in Higher Education, Cegep de Thetford offers an exceptional experience to candidates of its Language School. In addition to benefiting from qualified trainers and personalized support throughout your stay, you will experience a French-speaking immersive experience in the heart of Quebec culture.

Your journey will begin with the learning of French at the Mundi Language Academy. Once you have obtained your certification, you can join one of our many training programs leading to a multitude of career opportunities. These short-term programs, taking the form of Collegial Studies Attestation (AEC) will enable you to develop valuable skills for becoming a stand out candidate for employers of choice.

Key Factors
  • Designed for non-French speakers.
  • French language opens out a wider market for your ideal job search and better salary prospects for the future.
  • 6 months Immersive session in Quebec which will also include Movies, tours, trips and more.
  • Candidate need not clear French Level B2 before progressing to the skillset program.
  • Free support for French training throughout the program.
  • Most Professors are Bilingual  – English and French.
  • On Campus English Speaking Translator support freely available.

Online Classes will start from India 2 Months Prior to flying to Quebec.


The candidate’s journey will begin with the learning of A2 level French followed by chosen course. French is the official Business Language of Quebec City & opens up a wider market for one’s ideal job search with better salary prospects for the future. It is mandatory to learn this language irrespective of any course you choose.

Course Grid

We rely on an intensive learning mode of twenty six weeks, Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.   to enable the candidates to master the French language and earn certification recognized by the Government of Quebec. In total, the candidates benefit from six classes per day in addition to several activities in the evenings and on weekends. Teaching is done in a number of ways to maximize the chances of your success.

Learn Activities

8:30 a.m.10:15 a.m.Grammar
10:15 a.m.10:30 a.m.Break
10:30 a.m.12:15 a.m.Conversation
12:15 a.m.13:30 a.m.Lunch

Reinforcement activities in sub groups

1:30 p.m. – 3:15 p.m. : Laboratories, problem solving (situations), individual coaching.

You’ll have access to language labs and online learning software.

Once the classes are over, you can enjoy student life by participating in cultural or sports activities, outings and sightseeing or simply enjoying free time.


You have to download the Registration Form and fill in all the required details in CAPITAL LETTERS.The form can be downloaded by clicking the link below or also available under Download menu option.

The following documents are mandatory to be submitted along with the Registration Form:

  • High school Marksheet (10th/11th/12th) or university/college Marksheets (Last 3 years).
  • Student Birth Certificate.
  • Latest CV / Resume.
  • Valid Passport (Front and back side).

You need to mail the Registration Form along with the required documents to

For on-line Registration click below:

Accommodation at Campus

Health Insurance
  • A candidate will need health insurance for their stay in Canada. This is not included in the price of the program.
  • Eterna Insurance (an insurance broker) will be able to help the student and get what is necessary for their stay in Canada.

Process to acquire Health Insurance

  • A candidate will need health insurance for their stay in Canada. This is not included in the price of the program.
  • Eterna Insurance (an insurance broker) will be able to help the student and get what is necessary for their stay in Canada.

For an approximation of what it may cost, a 20-year-old individual who stays in Canada only (No USA) would pay:

  • $1.75 CAD / day for $50,000.00 CAD of medical coverage.
  • $2.30 CAD / day for $100,000.00 CAD of medical coverage (we recommend this option).

Aaryan Pathway can assist you in getting the quote for Health Insurance.

Eterna Trust

Eterna Trust is the official Banking Partner of Cegep de Thetford. It is a government approved Trust with partnerships with National Banks. It was founded in 1928 in the Quebec City area and is four generations old.

The student pays the fees to the trust in an account on his own name as per the instructions given on the offer letter by Cegep de Thetford college.

Key Features

  • Government approved Trust.
  • College official Banking Partner for Indian Students.
  • Safety for both College and Student.
  • Money on Students Name.
  • Trust will buy the GIC.
  • Embassy assured about payment.
Fee Inclusions

The following are covered for your Entire Course Duration:

  • Tuition Fees.
  • Accommodation.
  • French Language Course (B2 Level).
  • Textbooks.
  • 100% Job Placement Assistance.
Earn while you Learn

You can learn while you are learning on the Campus itself.

You work 20 hours per week.

You earn CAD 13.5 / hour = CAD 270 / week = CAD 1,080 = INR 62,629 / Month.

Student Loan
  • Easy to acquire as Cegep de Thetford is a Government institution with higher credibility.
  • Partnership with ICICI Bank.
  • You can get a loan for the FULL AMOUNT for any of our 4 AEC programs.
  • Repay in 8-10 years, 12.50% interest.


Aaryan Leisure & Holidays Pvt. Ltd. an IATA approved travel agency and parent company of Aaryan Pathway will assist you in getting the visas.

SDS  Candidate Pays First year Fees to Trust

Receives CAQ,

Trust Buys GIC,

IELTS 6 (Overall) with 6 Bands in Each (SDS Requires higher bands),

Tuition Fees already paid,

NON SDS Candidate Pays First year Fees to Trust,

Receives CAQ,

IELTS – Low accepted,

Aaryan Pathway prepares Visa File,

Apply for Study Permit / Visa

  • Fill out a Candidaye Visa / Study Permit Application.
  • There will be a governmental processing fee, which is not included in the price, of $150.00 CAD for the application of the Canadian Student Visa (subject to change without notice).

The cost of obtaining a visa is not included in student course fees. Visa approval in on the sole discretion of Visa Authorities subject to the documents submitted are as per the requirements.


The Process

  • Candidate fills the registration form and mails it to along with the details of registration charges and the required documents. The mail subject line should be Subject line: <Name of Student> – <Course Name they have applied for>.
  • Parent Partner fills the official application to Cegep de Thetford after receiving all the documents from Aaryan Pathway.
  • After Filling the Official Application and sending the ICI recruitment Contract, Team will set an appointment for a Qualifying Interview to analyse the student-Course compatibility.
  • Aaryan Pathway will get the contract signed by the candidate and send it to  Team within 24-48 hours of receiving the document.
  • Qualifying Interview will include Questions which will judge the student’s intentions to study, availability of funds and English proficiency.
  • After completing Entire Application Process candidate will get an acknowledgement from Cegep De Thetford, confirming that all the documents have been submitted successfully.
  • Within  3-4 working days, candidate will Receive their Conditional Acceptance Letter from the College stating that The candidate is now the Official Candidate and their documents are being ratified and in the mean time, Cegep De Thetford is holding a space for the candidate in the upcoming cohort of May/September.
  • Within 7-21 working days, Candidates will Receive their Official Acceptance / Rejection Letter as per the College Guidelines.
  • Accepted Candidates will Receive the Acceptance letter along with a Fee Invoice and then Candidate gathers the funds (Self Funded / Bank Loan) and remit the funds as per the fee receipt / invoice.
  • After Remitting the Course Fee, Candidate will share the Fee acknowledgement or payment slip to confirm the Payment with Team Aaryan Pathway at
  • After Remitting the Course Fee, Candidate will share the Fee acknowledgement or payment slip to confirm the Payment with Team Aaryan Pathway at
  • After Remitting the Course Fee, Candidate will share the Fee acknowledgement or payment slip to confirm the Payment with Team Aaryan Pathway at
  • After Remitting the Course Fee, Candidate will share the Fee acknowledgement or payment slip to confirm the Payment with Team Aaryan Pathway at
  • After Remitting the Course Fee, Candidate will share the Fee acknowledgement or payment slip to confirm the Payment with Team Aaryan Pathway at

Time Line

0 HoursApplication form sent to Parent Partner
24-48 HoursQualifying Interview done + ICI Contract signed.
1-3 DaysCandidate receives the conditional offer letter.
7-21 DaysCandidate receives the Official Acceptance / Rejection Letter.

Please check the Checklist document for the list of documents required..

The Journey

Aaryan Pathway is a perfect fusion of Travel & Education industry bringing forth the realistic and robust path to success and building a strong career for the generation next.

Partnering is an Official Marketing Representatives of Cegepde Thetford for their accelerated & exclusive courses. Cegep aims to provide Security in a candidate’s investment by offering a 100% Job Placement Assistance. Our association is a faster path to successful, high paying jobs with less uncertainty.  It’s an education with Peace of Mind & Secured Future.

The Equation

Reaching the ultimate Goal of Life needs some formulation and strategy. Time runs and we want to be at pace with it. Need an Equation in life…..!!!

Core Objective
  • Making Opportunities Available for even those students who may not have high scores or are academically inclined.
  • Uniform opportunities for all aspiring candidates meeting the criteria.
  • Creating awareness of a legal and ethical way to study, work and live in Canada.
  • Uplift the quality of life and create opportunities for students to earn more.
Assurance & Authenticity
  • EXCLUSIVE tie up with a Public college, Cegep de Thetford.
  • Approved by Quebec Government.
  • Hands on / Practical Learning.
  • No Hidden cost.
  • Affordable with Fastest Return on Investment.
  • Accommodation / Textbooks / Mentorship included.
  • Simple condition(s) for participation.
  • Job Assistance & Flourishing Career.
  • Recruitment on Campus.
  • Earn while you Learn – via part time work & course oriented internships.